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Welcome to Kubus. We have over 20 years of worldwide experience in the field of artificial swine insemination.

Since 1986,Kubus S.A. has been specialized in swine reproduction with a network of distribuitors and clientds from all around the world.

Our multilingual staff of veterinarians and biologists train and advise customers in the implementation of artificial insemination techniques, frozen semen, embryo transfer, and boar stud and on farm laboratory design and management.

To aid in this endeavour we have configured our website to serve as an online tool, formatted as a scientific magazine, where you will be able to find everything about our products, services, techniques and articles. You will also be able to make different types of online inquiries and request a price quote for your orders.

6 KUBUS farms in Spain

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From Badajoz to Teruel, Kubus is represented all over the spanish territory with its 6 owned or associated farms.


¿Have you heard about Liquidil Vitesse?

Diluyente Liquidil

It´s time to meet one of the most innovative products on the market. Winner at the 2009 Fima cattle fair in Zaragoza.


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