What is the minimum quantity of colostrum that a piglet needs for optimum growth?

During the last decades, the size of litter in pig farms has increased substantially with the introduction hyperprolific sow breeds. This increase in the number of piglets per farrowing has brought as a counterpart the production of more heterogeneous litters with a greater number of low birth weight piglets, which is having a negative impact on their survival and on the productive performance in pig farms. In large litters, the competition for the intake of colostrum is also greater, which results, in most cases, in a nutritional deficit of some piglets.Several studies suggest that piglets should consume between 160-200 g of colostrum / kg of weight at birth (Quesnel et al, 2012) for optimum post-weaning survival and growth. Such is the importance of colostrum, that an insufficient intake results in the development of multiple deadly diseases for the piglet.