Semen Collection

All the material in contact with semen must keep two essential conditions:

  1.  Must be cleaned and sterilized.
  2.  Must be tempered at 37 ° C.

The ejaculate is collected directly into beaker or other disposable containers, located in a thermo to keep the temperature close to 37 ° C. On the glass is placed a gauze so to prevent the mixture of tapioca with the rich sperm fraction during the collection

When the animal is on the dummy sow, it must be cleaned the preputial bag with the help of a disinfectant napkin, pressing it to remove the urine. When the boar externalizes the tip of the penis, it has to be secured with the hand in such way that the fingers are on the edge of the spiral of the glans, without exerting great pressure and pulling it gently until his total erection, thus ensuring it is held horizontally. With boars having problems of semen agglutination it is convenient to perform the collection over 100 cc MR-A semen extender at 37C.


The boar ejaculate consists of the following phases:

  • Pre-sperm fraction, is the first phase of the ejaculate, it has not to be collected. It does not contain sperm and usually has a high contamination load. It is transparent, volume between 10 – 15 cc.
  • Rich sperm fraction, comes after the first phase, it appears quickly due to the first contraction experienced by the tail of the epididymis. It is white and very dense, “milky” appearance. It has a large concentration of sperm and a volume of 100 cc. This is the fraction that most concerns us collect for AI
  • Post-sperm or poor sperm fraction, consisting of the secretions of the accessory glands of the reproductive tract and with little load of spermatozoa. It is clear-whitish, with gelatinous lumps, with a volume of 200 cc. It can be interspersed with intermittent emissions of rich fraction, so you should be attentive to seize during collection. This fraction contains the seminal plasma, that acts stimulating the sperm, that´s why its collection for AI is not recommended if you want to preserve semen for more than 24 hours.

Throughout the ejaculate, especially in the first and third phase gelatinous lumps commonly known as “tapioca” is from Cowper’s glands that acts as a stopper for the cervix of the sow in natural breeding conditions are expelled.

Once collected the semen it should be immediately taken to the laboratory for contrasting and processing.